What to look at while buying a house

As a rule, the person who decided to become the owner of the house already weighed “for” and “against”, praised their strength and capabilities and accepted the need for continuous care and killing your future real estate as well as the adjacent territory. However, here begins the most important and the most important stage – the choice of home.

So, how to choose it? Let’s say you have decided on the amount you can afford to spend, the type of future housing and did not want to buy apartment in Columbia SC(house in the cottage, a house in the suburbs, or may be, converted house). Let’s say you even imagine how it is to be home and where you want to live. It was then, and we must keep an eye on, choosing from a variety of proposed options.

So, the object of your attention should be:

Condition of the house, its communications and plot are the main points of an inspection for you to make. Documents and their compliance with statutory regulations are highly relevant. However, in practice, checking all the above contains many pitfalls. Let’s start with the simplest – the state of the house and its communications.

The technical condition of the house, its communications and homestead should be inspected very carefully

You can certainly argue long, which is better: a beautiful house in a dangerous place in right or wrong. One thing is clear: we all want to get their money quality, reliable housing. Question – how?

“Bought, move into and live without worries” – it expects the majority of consumers who buy the first house in my life. In practice, their dreams almost never come true. House “turnkey”, even at the cost of 500 thousand. Dollars does not guarantee a comfortable life. Already in the first winter can turn off the electricity, and after him and a gas boiler. Alas, even in ultra-modern and highly publicized freshly-made cottage quality can be not the best. Sometimes little professionalism of builders is often accompanied by banal theft. “Save” at all and calculate the flow of material is difficult. “Save” on the stamp concrete, insulation, brick and everything else. Quite often developers increase their profits at the expense of quality. You can save anywhere – on materials, labor, and terms while at the same time to cheat an owner with a beautiful facade.

Therefore, the purchase of a country house even directly from the developer is not a guarantee of quality. What can we say about the private building project quality for an unknown 30-year-old?

In any case, you will agree, it would be naive to believe that the seller himself will show you all the flaws. His goal is to sell more expensive and faster. Therefore, there are two ways.

First – you check the quality of construction.  Second is to trust verification specialists. Depending on what you choose from these two variants – you will save money or your time if you have conducted the inspection attentively.

Buying an apartment: points of interest

To purchase an apartment in columbia sc one must first examine the prices of residential property in a particular town or village. Familiarization with the cost of rooms will allow the right decision and may postpone this venture.It is best not to rush to purchase and spend on this activity 6-12 months.

In different cities and towns, apartment prices are significantly different from each other. To determine more precise figures need to use all possible sources, the principal ones being the newspaper advertisement, internet and consultations in real estate agencies. If there are time and opportunity, it is best to inquire on all media channels. And, of course, to see a few options, because what he saw might differ materially from what will tell sellers or realtors.

So the answer to the question – “How to buy an apartment in debt?” can be only one – to borrow money from friends or relatives. In this case, less expensive, and payment and payment terms are not would be so hard. Well, if there are relatives and friends will not appear, it is better to choose a more modest – Dormitory instead of a studio, one-bedroom apartment with one bedroom, sleeping area instead of the center. Then, collect the necessary amount of money can be upgraded and improved living conditions. The process may seem complicated and multi-layered, but it has a high degree of reliability. Security is the most vital thing;that is necessary for real estate transactions.

How to buy anapartment?

Buying an apartment in the cities is easier than in small towns, because the real estate market is functioning quite active and always has a large selection of options. And if in the townships and rural areas have to choose from the proposals of the secondary market, the major cities there is always a certain amount of new buildings. A choice between primary and secondary real estate market creates more competition between sellers and prevent unreasonably high prices for apartments.

Apartments in new buildings under construction are interesting primarily for those who do not urgently need shelter and has a margin of time in 2-4 years. To purchase an apartment in a new building and give back to the first 1-2 years strongly recommend those citizens who have done similar actions.

The process of habitation apartment house occupies a considerable amount of time after it was completed. The process of connecting to the crucial communications is not too fast. Concerning the elevator, then we all know that his attempt to put into operation after the invasion of all residents (in order not to overload the shipment of personal effects and furniture). And of course for 1-2 years, alternately in each apartment will make repairs.

There is an urgent need for shelter is selected secondary market real estate. There’s even caught the options when the apartment is sold renovated and furnished. That is, after the conclusion of the contract of sale can seize almost the same day.

How to make one of the principal purchases?

For the majority of buying an apartment – is the most important transaction in their life. How to purchase an apartment and then to regret not about the money invested?

The first thing to determine: whether you look for an apartment by yourself or contact your realtor services. If you have enough time to research on your own, you can find a good offer in the newspapers, on sites containing property listings on the Internet, etc. However, if you have found worthwhile proposal for registration of documents necessary to attract professional. According to statistics, about 90% of reported failures (including fraud) accounted for transactions made by buyers and sellers “on the line”. On average, real estate office for the operation takes some percentage of the value of the property if you want to sell or buy an apartment. Even though, it is not a small piece of your money. When you read the ads from the flat in Columbia SC, the first thing you pay attention to those proposals, which shows the lowest prices. Mentally, you start to tune into a deal with these figures. By calling this ad you will likely hear a phrase that has such an option, but there are even better but more expensive. Or theoption would be cheap in all respects and will require substantial funds for the restoration and repair

I sum, then on the other hand the risk that at the conclusion of the contract you will be deceived, is significantly reduced. Your agent will advise you how to hold the most deal correctly, but if you take out a loan, will help you calculate payments using a mortgage calculator. The specific amount of compensation depends on the realtor list of duties and safeguards that are providedto the client.

The amount of remuneration in the quantity indicated thedealer or a percentage. Do not forget to specify in the contract with the real estate agency, whether included in the total compensation costs for the selection of apartments. If this is not provided, then record the amount of such expenses as a separate item.

The contract must be contributed to the situation if the realtor could not find you a suitable offer. It is necessary to state clearly that you will be the agency, in this case. Application for the search of the flat is the most complete, up to the view from the balcony and the noise from outside. It will help you get a refund for apartment searchin case the search is failed. If a company within the specified period will not give you information about suitable homes, then deprived of its reward for finding and may pay the penalty (if such an item would be in the contract). If you refuse all options relevant to your query, then – rightly – are solely penalties: as a rule, Realtor reserves at the amount of advances to customers in return for his services.

How to buy a cheap apartment?

Purchasing an apartment is a complicated and responsible process that takes a long time and requires safeguards to protect the buyer.

Let’s try to find the optimal solution in the choice of housing, and preferably cheaper

How to buy an apartment in Columbia SC and not to overpay extra money? You can save over two positions – choose an inexpensive option and refuse the services of a realtor. It is best not to rush to purchase and spend on this activity 6-12 months. In this case, you will be able to become more familiar with the complex principles of operation of the real estate market and sensible approach to the choice of options for purchase. Especially if you want to buy an apartment without intermediaries, it is necessary to obtain further information and advice.

In case you desire to purchase a home in the secondary market, as it sounds banal, without the help of a skillful realtor youcannot do this. It is he who will help you choose among the large number of proposals the perfect option for you, as well as minimizes the risks associated with the transaction. In addition, it is known that not all properties fall into advertisements and very attractive do not go beyond the agencies.

When calculating the value of the apartment start point calculation shall be the average cost of 1 square meter of residential real estate is the area in which the apartment. Area, in this case, is not divided local city and pricing zone geographically. Appraisal and real estate companies divide the city into zones price categories (areas of high, medium and low price, area, divided by residential areas and other zoning, easy to assess). The average cost of the original must be taken into account and the number of rooms and type of home. It is from this average price, and the buyer must make a start by determining the cost of the proposal

Main factors affecting the value of the property are: First, of course, is the location of the object, transportation, and distance from the subway infrastructure areas.

Another important factor affecting the cost of housing in the comparison is identical apartment’s superficiality. Usually apartments on the first and last floor are cheaper.

An important factor is the specific characteristics: apartment with a view of the roadway will certainly be cheaper than with windows to the park.

Essential in the formation of prices are also age home, materials from which it is based (old wooden flat is cheaper than in a brick one), the type of planning, availability of repair.

When considering the purchase of property from the developer can save 3-5% in consulting services real estate agency. However, do not miss that the investment isa particularrisk, so you need to approach the choice of the developer enough responsible.

It shall also be acknowledged that investing in new buildings at an early stage of construction cost per square meter will be lower compared with the completed housing.